Outdoor Games for Kids

Outdoor games for kids are first and foremost FUN! Hide n seek, tag, and many other fun outdoor games have allowed kids (and adults) to spend many hours engaged in play as well as potentially learning about nature.

Remember that when choosing games for children, you have the option of finding a game that is fun, filled with learning about nature, or both! Outdoor games allow kids to use all of their senses as well as bringing a sense of inspiration and creativity to their lives.

Outdoor games for children are endless, and below we offer a few. Please check back often as we will be adding more soon!

Many of the games listed here (and a whole lot more that aren't) are from
Coyote's Guide to Connecting with Nature
Coyote's Guide

Nature Scavenger Hunt
A nature scavenger hunt is amazing at leading children into discovery of the natural world. No matter what items are officially part of the 'hunt" - mysteries abound...

Capture the Flag
Let's all Play Capture the Flag!

Capture the Flag, in one form or another, has grown to be a familiar and famous game loved by children of all ages worldwide. read more

Eagle Eye
Eagles have incredibly keen vision. From hundreds of yards above a field, or sitting high in a nest overlooking a river, they can spot a small rodent or splashing fish. read more

Outdoor Games for Teens
Outdoor Games for Teens involve can a good deal of complexity, a dose of healthy risk, and a great deal of satisfaction and fun! read more

Outdoor Games for Preschoolers Outdoor Games for Preschoolers engage young ones needs for action, adventure, exploration and more. While the games we've selected here are fabulous with preschoolers, modified versions of these same games are great with older kids, teens and adults as well. read more

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