Teaching the Five Senses through Nature Activities

Nature Awareness Activities are wonderful to help in teaching the five senses to kids or adults. We follow the teachings in Nature Awareness that we learned from Jon Young in the Kamana Naturalist Training Program for adults. Kamana is an excellent program that brings us great insight, awareness, and knowledge of the natural world.

Does your child, or do you want to feel comfortable and welcomed in the woods? On these pages we have provided the Kamana awareness activities about teaching the five senses in a format that is easy for children to understand. With them, kids can feel like they belong in nature, rather than only being a visitor.

Although easy to do, each teaching is designed to provide the basis of a life long learning experience.

At this time we are offering Owl Eyes (vision), Deer Ears (hearing), Dog Nose (smell), Raccoon Touch (touch) and other teachings.

Many activities listed here (and a whole lot more that aren't) are from
Kamana for Kids
Kamana for Kids

OWL EYES - vision

DEER EARS - hearing

Raccoon Touch - touch

DOG NOSE - smell

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