We have many child nature stories that we would like to share. Some we have written ourselves and some we have collected from other sources. From time to time, we will pass a story on to our readers on this page.

These stories may be in one of our currently published books. Some may be used in future books. We hope you find them fun to read and useful in the education of your Outdoor Nature Child.

As you can see, we are just beginning this project, so we do not have a lot to offer at this time. Keep checking back from time to time. When we are able to, we will post more stories.

If you have any child nature stories you would like to share on this web site, please contact us. Tell us a little about your story and we will send you the details of how to submit it. CONTACT US

In the meantime, we are saving a seat for you at our campfire. Join us now, and listen to a story. Click on a selection that appears below.

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We will start with this story from out newest book called THE YOUNG NATURALIST. It is called CREEPY AND CRAWLY THINGS.

Here is a little story about getting to know a plant. Moon Bird always has a delightful (some say unusual) approach to the natural world. Join us for some fun with MOON BIRD'S DANDY LION.

Running Deer is well known for her tracking skills. In this story she is put to the test when a frantic mother comes to her for help in finding THE LOST CHILD

One of our favorite web sites is Wilderness Awareness School's Nature Talk. Here is a Native American story that will help us to think about trees, the weather, and how they are related. How Conifers Flaunt the Promise of Spring

Nature can be the greatest teacher of all. In this story, you will find the value of being alone in nature. Recognized as one of the leading naturalists in the world, Jon Young tells the story of Learning to Be Quiet, Alone in the Wildernesss Special thanks to

Moon Bird is having a bit of a problem. When Running Deer asks him what it is he says it is a LIGHTNESS LACK.